It is February, the month of love.  Are you showing yourself some love? If not, do you know what you are risking? Is your loved one or you living with a physical, mental or intellectual disability or progressive chronic illness?  Without a Special Needs Trust to protect personal assets, more is at risk than what you may realize. 

  • You risk losing your government assistance and relying on personal assets to provide for basic care and to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.  
  • You face the prospect of reapplying for benefits only after all personal assets are depleted.  
  • You also face mismanagement of personal assets when relying on family members or other non-professionals to handle your funds.  

It pays to know what you are risking by not taking advantage of the protections offered by a Special Needs Trust.  Show yourself some love this month.  Check into the benefits of a Special Needs Trust.  


A Pooled Trust beneficiary receives more than just protection of public benefits.  The beneficiary acquires the advantages that come from being a member of a large trust, including high-quality investment management services, better interest rates and professional trustee services.


You may be wondering if it is possible to manage a Special Needs Trust on your own.  On the surface, having a family member serve as trustee may seem like a logical choice because family members are usually in the best position to understand your special needs. Unfortunately, unless the family member is an expert in Special Needs Trusts, he or she may not have the knowledge needed to fulfill the role of trustee and inadvertently jeopardize your eligibility for public assistance programs.  Therefore, it is very important to rely on experts to establish, administer and manage your Special Needs Trust. 


Consider the possibilities of living for many more years, with your disability or chronic illness.  Will you have sufficient insurance and money to live a good quality of life?  Will you have someone you can trust to manage your financial affairs, if you are not able to do this? Would a Special Needs Trust offer your family and you peace of mind, knowing that you will be able to receive government benefits to cover your healthcare needs and possibly more, while preserving your assets for other personal items or services?  Show yourself some love this month. Check into the benefits of a Special Needs Trust.  

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