Special Needs Trusts safeguard personal assets, help to maintain quality of life and provide for the comforts of life that government benefits do not cover – all without jeopardizing eligibility for government assistance.

What is a Special Needs Trust?

A Special Needs Trust is a legal contract under Federal law in which someone (called a “trustee”) agrees to hold assets (money and/or property) for the benefit of a person living with a disability.

This type of Trust provides available financial resources to pay for items and services government benefits do not cover.

Trust funds can be used to pay for non-essential items and services such as companion care; entertainment; educational classes; additional therapy; alternative therapies such as chiropractic care, massage, and warm-water therapy; electronic equipment and some medications.

Benefits of a Special Needs Trust

Vista Points can connect you to the resources you need to establish a Special Needs Trust tailored specifically to your situation.

This type of Trust may aid in the establishment or continuation of government benefits.

A Special Needs Trust relieves the burden placed on family members and caregivers.

Trust funds are carefully managed by professional and experienced trustees.

In certain situations, family and friends may receive an inheritance upon death.

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Be Informed

Know what you are risking by not taking advantage of the protection offered by a Special Needs Trust. Vista Points can connect you to the resources to establish a Special Needs Trust, all with your specific and individual needs in mind.