Advocacy—Guiding Values and Principles

Vista Points, Inc. adheres to the following guiding principles to advance, protect, and expand the rights of people living with disabilities:

  • Worth and dignity should be seen in and given to all people.
  • People with disabilities have basic human needs and rights that are no different from those of all people.
  • Freedom from abuse, neglect, exploitation, isolation, and discrimination must be given and preserved for people living with disabilities.
  • People with disabilities have a right to health-related services that will meet basic needs and provide the tools and support necessary to achieve equality of opportunity and social self-sufficiency.
  • Any advocacy effort must be sensitive and responsive to the unique needs of individuals living with disabilities.

Who Benefits from Advocacy?

Vista Points, Inc. serves as a personal advocate in the establishment and administration of Special Needs Trusts. Serving as a trustee of a Special Needs Trust is a rigorous and demanding job that may span many years. Parents, spouses, and attorneys, who are seeking to preserve financial settlements for their loved one or client, are assured of professional trust management by those who understand special needs and know the law as it relates to government benefits.

Active Advocacy

An important aspect of the Vista Points’ mission is to offer support to various causes and to people living with disabilities. Vista Points, Inc. provides advocacy services to many worthwhile endeavors and organizations. Charitable contributions can be made to individuals living with disabilities, to improve their quality of life.

“The professional services provided by Vista Points, Inc. are much appreciated. The staff is very responsive and sensitive to the real life needs of the beneficiaries.”-V. George

Be Informed

Know what you are risking by not taking advantage of the protection offered by a Special Needs Trust. Vista Points can connect you to the resources to establish a Special Needs Trust, all with your specific and individual needs in mind.