EPISODE 23 – Wilson Rides and Introduction of Ask the Expert – January 15, 2023


Does your parent need a ride? Do you want a trusted and vetted driver to safely drive your aging
parent? Wilson Rides of Wilson County is highlighted in this episode. Listen as Bart, the host for the Vista
Points podcast named Choose Your Path, interviews Gaye Lynn Wilson of Wilson Rides and Darlene
Kemp with Vista Points as they introduce Ask the Expert to the Vista Points podcast.


Greetings from our Middle Tennessee studio. Welcome to today’s Vista Points podcast, “Choose Your
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I’m Bart, your podcast host. My role is to walk with you on this journey of discovering and using special
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We address a variety of topics in this podcast related to the use of special needs trusts. Today, we
continue to educate you, through interviews with business partners who serve people living with
disabilities, chronic illnesses, or who have special needs.

Today in our podcast, we are beginning a new segment called Ask the Expert. Stay tuned, we will debut
our first Ask the Expert segment after we finish interviewing Gaye Lynn Wilson.

And now, without further adieu, I am happy to welcome and introduce you to Gaye Lynn Wilson.  Gaye
Lynn is the Executive Director of Wilson Rides. Hello, Gaye Lynn.

GLW  – Hello, Bart. Thank you for having me on today.

BB – Oh, it’s wonderful to have you here. I’ve come to know Wilson Rides through some of the events
you’ve had, such as last year’s Sip and Sounds. What a great event that was. The service you provide’s a
blessing to our older adults and especially to ones living with a chronic illness or who are living with a
disability. I’d like you to tell our listeners a little bit about yourself, your position and just how you got
involved with Wilson Rides.

GLW – Well, Bart, it’s a long story, but since we have a short time, I’ll give you the condensed version of
it. I have spent my entire life involved in sports. My background was originally in education – teaching
and coaching. And, I spent, as I said, my entire life in sports. But, in 2019, something interesting
happened. My mom gave up driving. And, she was in her late 80’s when she did. And she, my mom was
a super active senior. And, she was very involved in the senior center. She’s an artist. So, she had
products that she sold at a local shop called the Basement Marketplace. She also was very involved in
social media. Believe it or not, late 80’s. But, she is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Her title is, her
name on those things, is Grandma On Deck, which is a reference to sports. But, when she gave up
driving, I was trying to figure out how am I gonna to keep her active and still keep my current job. And,
through that process, I started looking for transportation, public transportation in Wilson County. Which
there isn’t a whole lot, and there wasn’t at the time. There was a cab company and another
transportation company that took wheelchairs but also took anyone, really, seniors, to where they
wanted to go. But, that was the only two options. And also in 2019, I knew the sports league that I worked for was going to be taking that time off because
of the Olympics that were supposed to happen in 2020. Well, fast forward just a little bit. The day before
the tornado in Wilson County, I was in Panera Bread, and I ran into Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto.
And, he asked how my mom was doing. And, I just told him that story. And, he said, you know, we do
lack public transportation here in Wilson County, but we’re working on that. And, there’s something
coming to the area I think you’d be interested in, and you’d be good at. And, maybe you could do that
along with other job. I kinda laughed about it a little bit because I knew my other job was very full time.
And, I travelled a lot and worked a lot of hours. But it was during . . . So, the next . . . After we had that
little brief discussion, he went over and read to the elementary school that afternoon. And then the next
morning, the tornado hit. And, it took that elementary school down that he was at. It also went very
close to a senior living community, Rutland Place and Carrick Glen. It went right behind there. It didn’t
touch them, but took out everything else. And, we also learned that COVID was entering the community.
So, all those things at one time happened. And, it really changed my life because through trying to help
everyone, keep my own mother safe, knowing how in an instant those lives could have been wiped out,
it changed my perspective on that. But also, at the time, I was the board chair for the Mt. Juliet Chamber
and the board chair of Leadership Wilson in 2020. All of that was happening at the same time. And, I also saw the need that people – they just had a need for help. Whether it was due to COVID or the tornado, or whatever need they had, there was a lot of it. And that changed my perspective. And, I
decided then that I was going to change my career. I was part of The Big Resignation as they call it. I
actually started seeking out those that were starting this program that was coming and just said hey,
whenever it’s time, I want to apply. And so Wilson Rides became a nonprofit in April of 2020, but it kind
of got put on hold because of COVID. I got to interview in December of 2020 and then again in January
of ‘21. And, I was offered the job and got to start in February of ’21, putting together, what is now
known as Wilson Rides.

BB – Wow, Gaye Lynn. That’s, that’s an amazing story. And, what a time to start a business. I like it when
our listeners learn about the business from the person who runs the business. Now, can you tell us
about the services Wilson Rides offers?  I know many people benefit from these rides. 

GLW – Sure. Wilson Rides provides rides to senior citizens in Wilson County who are 55 and over, they
are not driving any more, they seldom drive or maybe they are just not able to drive at the moment.
And I say it that way because sometimes, some of these seniors are still driving. But, if they go to a eye
doctor’s appointment and they can’t drive home, they need somebody to drive them home. So, that’s
the “not currently driving” aspect of it. But, you know, some seniors have voluntarily given up driving.
Some may have never learned to drive. You know, some have moved here, and they don’t know their
way around Wilson County yet. There’s a variety of reasons why seniors 55 and over are not driving, and
they need someone to take them somewhere. We give rides to a lot of different types of destinations.
So, the grocery store, pharmacies, the bank, grocery shopping, the hair salon, retired school teachers’
meetings, other civic organizational meetings. And, we also give small pets a ride to the vet. Because if
these seniors, you know, aren’t getting to where they want to go because they don’t have a ride, you
know, neither are their pets. And, I always joke with them. I tell them, we’re not gonna take a horse or a
cow or a large animal to the vet, but we will take your small pets to the vet. So, we take seeing eye dogs
as well. So, we do provide a good service to the seniors in our community. And, it really is a more
personal experience to those seniors because it’s a volunteer driver that’s been fully vetted who is giving
a ride to that specific senior only.

BB – Wow. Wilson Rides is a great organization. What impact has Wilson Rides had in the Mount Juliet,
Tennessee community in the last couple of years?

GLW – Well, we’ve made a huge impact, I’d like to think. I know that we have only missed giving one
ride that was scheduled since we started. We started giving rides in June of 2021. So, we’ve had about a
year and a half worth of rides. Our volunteer drivers, as I mentioned, they are fully vetted. We check
their background and their driving record monthly to make sure that everything’s on par. But, our
drivers are, these are outstanding citizens in our community that most everybody knows. They are
Rotarians, they are Kiwanis Club Members, Chamber members, retired CPAs, retired business owners.
They are people that are well known in the community. They have given, since June of ‘21, these
volunteer drivers have driven over 26,975 miles as of today. They’ve donated over 1,336 volunteer
hours of their time. And, they’ve given over 500 round trips. And, when I say a round trip, that’s from
the rider’s home to home, but, there’s many stops on that round trip. So, they’ve actually made over
1,500 stops as well. So, I’d like to think we’ve made a huge impact on our community.
And also, last year we hosted a Friendsgiving right at Thanksgiving. So, we partnered with Rutland Place
Retirement Living to put on a nice, Thanksgiving dinner for the people that ride with Wilson Rides. So,
I’m happy about the impact we’ve made so far.

BB – Gaye Lynn, that’s amazing – the things that you’ve done. I was reading through your website and,
I’ll be giving that website address later and you probably will be, too, the listeners know that I will give
the address and phone numbers of people to talk to. I have a question. You were talking about the
mayor, and you talked to the mayor, and the mayor said there’s a new thing coming. Is the Wilson
County Mayor and Office involved with Wilson Rides? I only enough about this to be dangerous.

GLW – Well, let me tell you a couple of things about that. Wilson Rides is named after Wilson County,
it’s not named after me. So, I always preface that. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Wilson
County, so I am not an employee of the local government. And, we do apply for grants through the cities
of Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Watertown and also the county of Wilson. We apply for grants just like everyone
else. And, if we’re fortunate enough that we’re awarded grants for the reasons that we’ve listed and
they’ve stipulated. But, we are not a budget, a line item in their budget. But, Wilson County Mayor
Randall Hutto is very passionate about seniors, and he is very involved as he can be. And, we appreciate
his support. You talk about our board of directors and also just what a great group of people they are.
We do have a board of directors that is getting ready to grow by three people this year, in 2023.
-Maggie Lea is our board president. She is the owner of Home Instead, located there in Lebanon.
-Traci Pope who is the Community Relations Manager for Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital.
-Joe Shade is the Vice President at Southern Bank of Tennessee.
-Bryson Eubanks is elder law with Kane & Crowell.
-Sean Dozier owns Hearthside Senior Living. Well. He. I’m sorry. He’s the Executive Director at
Hearthside Senior Living.
-Gerard Bullock is a local realtor here who has a passion for seniors, and then
-Susan Shaw is actually the Special Projects Coordinator in the Wilson County Mayor’s Office. And she is
a Special Projects Coordinator because she gets things done. And so that’s kind of our connection to the
Mayor’s Office.
But, we are actually adding some other people.
-Dr. Donna Wright, who’s recently retired from the Wilson County School Board,
-Danielle Drueck is a retired, she’s a business owner, Gammon & Drueck, she is a CPA, and then
-Glenda Taylor is a retired, she worked at Veteran’s Administration in Nashville, and her husband owned
a CPA business, an accounting business, I’m sorry. So, she’s also retired.
But those are our new additions to the board of directors. And, I just want to add to that originally,
Maggie Lea, who is now the president of our board, she and Mayor Hutto talked about bringing this
service a long time ago to Wilson County. And, it’s those two that got it started. And, they took this
concept, even though this ride share concept is not a new concept in the country, it’s new to Wilson
County. And, they took it to the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, to the Healthcare Roundtable and
said, “Look, we need this. We need to get this going. It’s not a line item in our budget. The seniors need
it. There’s a high re-admission rate of seniors into the Emergency Rooms because they are missing
doctors’ appointments. Get this going.” And, it’s that initial group that formed the board and formed the
nonprofit, that got it going. And, that’s the group that hired me. So, that’s a little bit about our
connection to the Mayor’s Office.

BB – Ok. I’m glad you explained that to me and our listeners. You’ve so many interesting professionals
on your Board. How do you get them interested? These are great people with lots of wonderful ideas.
How do you recruit them?

GLW – Well, it’s just networking and getting out involved in the community and learning who has a
passion for seniors but also that has a servant’s heart and wants to give back to their community. You
wind up meeting these people at different events, and you tell them about Wilson Rides. And, also
because I am so involved in the community, I know the movers and shakers, I know where their hearts
lie as far as their service. And, you know, they just want to be a part of it. And, so it’s not really a hard
sell to anyone. They enjoy it. They want to be a part of something that’s giving back to their community.
And, let’s face it. We all have parents that have aged, family members, friends, neighbors, people that
we sit next to in church. And, even ourselves, I’m speaking of myself. We’re aging, and we’re gonna
need this at some point. And, I think people realize that, and they want to help.

BB – Thanks, Gaye Lynn. I want to flip back to one of last year’s events, Sips and Sounds fundraising
event. It was such a huge success from my point of view. And, I’m glad I got to attend. But, would you
tell our listeners a little about it and, are you planning to have a second Sips and Sounds event this year?
I’m sure many listeners would like to get involved. 

GLW – Absolutely. We’re going to have it again. It was called the first annual, so this year it’ll be the
second annual. We hope to go back to the same venue that we held it at last year. It’s, through my past
work in professional sports, we intertwined music into our sports, whether it was television commercials
or having tailgating parties or whatever it was, we always tried to bring music into the event, or the
venues, or whatever we were doing. And, living here in the Nashville area, it seems like, you know, it’s a
no-brainer. And, everybody, you know, loves live music. And so, I wanted to do something that was kind
of the end of the summer, early fall, you know with, just an event that had live music, and I wanted to
do it outdoors, which is always sketchy because of the weather. So, we picked the end of September.
We looked on the internet and Googled weather in Tennessee in the Mt. Juliet area, and it seemed the
end of September, that transition into October, was kind of the time where we get the least amount of
rain. So, we jumped in with two feet and said, “Let’s do this!” And, what a great event it was. I was so
excited about the way it turned out. I do believe everyone had a good time. I know the food was great,
the venue was awesome. And, we absolutely are going to do it again next year, the end of September.

BB – That’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not trying to rush September, but I’m looking
forward to coming to your event once again. Let me ask you about the Specialty License Plate program
and the campaign with Specialty License Plates. I know the specialty plates, no matter what the design
is, is a big hit. How is Wilson Rides involved with Specialty License Plates?

GLW – Well, in order to have a Specialty License Plate, there always has to be a nonprofit that benefits
from having one of those. And, a Specialty License Plate, you know, we see them all over town. They
could be the Titans, the Predators, or, if you’re a Georgia fan, which some people probably are now, or
an Alabama fan, the Susan Komen Foundation Honeybees. You know, everybody’s got a Specialty
License Plate. A few years back, there was one designed for Wilson County. And, actually a Wilson
County high school student designed it. Now, when I say a few years back, you know, this student
designed it, he’s already gone on to college and graduated and is working in the area somewhere. It was
designed, and nothing really came of it. And, when I took this position, that was one of the first things
that Mayor Hutto asked. He said, “Would you be willing to take this project on?” It’s a beautiful license
plate. We always advertise that Wilson County, it’s the place to be. That’s what this license plate says.
And, we want people to show their pride in living here. Would you be willing to take this on? And, I said,
“Absolutely, We can do that.” You have to get approval from the state to do it. You have to designate a
nonprofit, which Wilson Rides became the designated nonprofit. And, then you have to get 1,000
commitments upfront for this license plate before the state will even make them. And, so we have just recently before Christmas, got the 1,000th commitment for the license plates. And, when I say commitment, it’s just not only giving your name, and address and phone number, it’s providing the $35
fee with that – which is refundable if the license plate wasn’t gonna be made. But, we got the 1,000th
commitment. We’re waiting for the state government to go back to session so we can get this ball
rolling. And, these license plates hopefully will be out sometime, you know, in the middle or late time of
this year. And, we’re very excited about it. Wilson Rides will be the beneficiary of the Specialty License
Plate sales. And, you know, it’s something that can be perpetual. It can happen every year. You know, as
long as we want it to go.

BB – Wow. I’m looking forward to seeing that license plate. Now, I’ve got a specific question for you. I
know I’m gonna put you on the spot. Many of our clients, with Vista Points Special Needs Trusts, are
unable to drive. We know that getting out, being mobile, and being able to do things on your own is
important. I want our listeners to know that transportation is a covered expense when someone
establishes a special need trust. The cost of a ride can be paid from the client’s trust. I can see where
your service would impact our clients in more ways than just transportation. Can you elaborate on this
aspect? How do your clients pay for their rides and how much does it cost?

GLW – Well, to become a member… You have to become a member, first of all, to ride with Wilson
Rides. And, becoming a member means that you fill out an application and you complete a home visit.
And, the cost of that is $25 annually. And, what we do on the home visit is we – and the home visit could
be in the person’s home, in the conference room, or the activity center where they live. It really is about
assessing their needs. It’s not, I always say, it’s not checking out the home or the animals. It’s assessing
the person’s needs. You know, what do they need us to do? How many times will they ride with us? Can
they actually walk 25 feet with no assistance or what devices are they using to help them walk? Those
are the things, that’s the type of information and the things I need to gather to pass on to my volunteer
drivers. So, there’s the annual $25 fee. And, then our round trips cost $6 each. A round trip to and from
your home, a $6 round trip. That’s it. And, we ask that people pay in blocks of four. So, six times four is
$24. If somebody says I want to ride with Wilson Rides, they need to be 55 and older, they need to live in
Wilson County, they need to go to places in Wilson County, and they need to be ambulatory – they need
to be able to get in and out of a vehicle with limited assistance. They need to fill out the application, and
then they need to complete a home visit. And, when they complete the home visit, that is the time that
they pay the fee of $25 and then the added $24 for four round trip rides. Once they pay that fee, they
are ready to get going. We do take walkers, transport chairs, rollators, oxygen tanks, morphine tanks, canes, small pets to the
vet. You know, we do those things. But, we do not take a wheelchair. And, I say that because you have
to be able to get in and out of a car. And, even if you can do that, our volunteers have a hard time lifting
wheelchairs. So, we do take transport chairs, but not wheelchairs. And, there is a company or two in
Wilson County that do transport wheelchairs. That’s just not our service

BB – Ok. Thanks, Gaye Lynn. How often can someone use the Wilson Ride service? How often can I get a

GLW – Ok. You have, first of all, you have to schedule your rides seven days in advance. A week in
advance, that’s seven days. You can use our service twice a week – and, we limit that just because of the
number of volunteers. We never have enough volunteers to give all the rides that are needed, but we’re working on that. But, you can use our service twice a week. And, we give rides between the hours of 9am and 4pm. So, we can’t pick you up until 9am, and we have to have you home before 4pm if you
have an afternoon type of appointment or something you want to do.

BB – Good! I was gonna ask you about the specific hours. And, you just answered that before I even ask
you. I appreciate that. I have another question about it. What if someone wants to become a volunteer
driver; how do they sign up? And, what kind of qualifications must a person have?

GLW – Well, you can sign up on our website. And, the website address is wilsonridesinc.org. It’s
wilsonridesinc.org. And, there’s a section that says Volunteer, and under that is says Volunteer Driver.
That is the preliminary process that you go through. You are able to sign up for different driver trainings
that we have. We hold them in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet. You also can sign up for an informational
session. Let’s just say you want information, but you’re not ready to do the driver training. You can sign
up for one of those. And, those are done online via Zoom. The training sessions to actually become a
driver are done in person. And, I tell people this. You know, they ask “Well, can’t we do that over the
internet as well?” And, this is my own, personal philosophy. But, my mom is part of this program, and I
want to meet the person face-to-face who might possibly drive my mom. And so, I treat all the seniors in
our program that way. I look at them. I want to know who the driver is, and I want to meet them face-
to-face. So, that’s one way. Or, you can simply call me on the phone and talk about it, and then I can get
you signed up as well. And, that phone number is 615-622-5557.

BB – Gaye Lynn, I appreciate all the information you’re giving us. And, I wanted to let our readers, our
readers, our listeners to know about one more service that you offer. You have an excellent podcast. It’s
called Story Time. Can you tell us about your podcast and maybe give us a Cliff Notes version of one of
the people you’ve interviewed?

GLW – Sure. You know, through all of these rides that we give, our seniors tell us the most amazing
stories. And, there’s times I’ve found myself, and I know our drivers have, we’ve found ourselves sitting
in the car – and I’m not talking about personal information – I’m just talking about stories of living here
in Wilson County and the jobs they’ve held, or things they did when they were a little girl (not medical
information). But, they. I’m in the car, and I’m thinking to myself – am I the only person that has just
heard this amazing story? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could start sharing some of these? Especially the
ones that are in their 90’s. Because once those stories are gone, they are gone. And so, there was a program called – there still is – it’s called the Governor’s Three Star program. And, I was voluntold to be part of that. And, one of the projects came out to be to make Wilson County a more
livable community for seniors. And, there are several aspects to go into making that happen. But, one
happened to be education and communication. And, that was the project that I was working on. And, I
said, “There’s not a better way to do this than to start a podcast and start sharing these stories of the
seniors that actually live in Wilson County. And, then to be able to take those stories and transcribe
them, and then put out the information in print. So that those that don’t have access to a computer or
can’t listen on the internet or a podcast, they can actually read these stories. That is how the podcast
came to be. It’s called Story Time with Wilson Rides. You can listen to the podcast wherever you get
your podcasts from. Or, you can also, you will be able to request those stories in writing, and we do plan
to put those out at the senior centers and other locations that our seniors get their information.

BB – Thanks, Gaye Lynn, I really like the personal touch that Wilson Rides has connecting with people
and working with people. That’s neat. I appreciate you allowing me to talk to you today and interview you and ask you questions. And, could you tell our listeners one more time your website and phone number in case they want to get in touch?

GLW – Sure, you can find us at wilsonridesinc.org, and that’s wilsonrides, with an “s”, I-N-C, dot org.
And, our phone number is 615-622-5557. And, there’s also a link on that website to our podcast.

BB – Thank you so much for being with us, Gaye Lynn. I appreciate the time you’ve spent with us, and I
know our listeners appreciate it. Now, I’m going to change our focus a little bit to our first Ask the Expert
Question and Answer. Vista Points Executive Director, Miss Darlene Kemp, is here today to answer a
couple of questions that were submitted by you. Welcome, Darlene. You might remember her. She was
on once before last year.

DK – Hi Bart. I have a magazine column that’s becoming pretty well known across the state of Tennessee,
and it’s called Ask the Expert. I thought it’d be great to incorporate it into the podcast because if one
person has a question, I bet others have the same. And, ss you know, people of any age who are living with a physical, mental or intellectual disability or
people who have special needs can qualify for special needs trusts. 

BB – Ok. I’ve got a couple of questions from you. One of our listeners established a third party… Well,
they sent one in, and I’m gonna ask you the questions, and I will quote it just how they wrote it. One of
the questions a listener asked is “I have recently established a third-party special needs trust for my son.
He has Autism. He will not be able to care for himself, as an adult, without additional assistance. The
money I have gifted my son, in this trust, will take care of him in future needs. I want to be sure the
money is used correctly so any expenditure does not affect the government benefits he is receiving.
What are some allowable expenses,” Darlene?

DAK: Well, although this mother may not realize what an exceptional gift she gave her son, the trustee is
there to serve the son’s needs so he can live a good quality of life. Many parents request services such
as: respite care so they can have a break, nonmedical care, allowing social interaction with someone
other than a family member can happen; housekeeping is needed with many of our clients; additional
therapies or services such as chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage benefits the clients; the
purchase of items such as educational toys and classes can be made; therapeutic equipment and
electronic devices can be purchased. Some of those are computers and cell phones and gaming devices.
All of these items or services can be paid from the special needs trust without jeopardizing the son’s
government benefits.

BB – Thank you for that answer, Darlene. That includes a lot of things. I know you follow the letter of the
law. But, let me ask you, has anyone ever tried to use a special needs trust for something that is not

DK – Well, yes, they have. And, that’s one thing that when I first started with the organization, was a
wake up to reality because I thought everyone followed the letter of the law. And, for some of the
requests we receive, I don’t think that the people are doing it on purpose to try to take advantage of
their loved one who has the special needs trust. I think that they feel like they deserve it or they want to
help someone else. For example, many times, especially around Christmas, we get requests to buy gifts
for the beneficiary’s caregivers. And, we cannot do that. The money has to be used for the sole benefit
of the beneficiary.

BB – I got that! I bet you have a lot of stories. I have another question a reader submitted to us, or a
listener submitted to us, “My brother was recently in an accident where he lost a leg and an arm, along
with becoming blind. With all of this happening, you would be surprised at how high his spirits were. He
says this is his ‘new adventure’ in life. I want to be able to guide him on the best thing to do with the
lawsuit settlement money he will soon receive. Should I tell him about how a first party special needs
trust and how it will benefit him?”

DAK: Oh, yes. Most definitely. But, first I want to say how sorry I am for this loss of limbs and the
gentleman’s sight. And, second, I want to commend the brother on his positive outlook on life. He can
be a role model for so many. Sharing information about the benefits of special needs trusts is the correct
thing to do. Although your brother’s outlook on life is very good, he still needs to think about his future
health and needs. By depositing the settlement money into a first party special needs trust, the brother
should be able to qualify for government benefits to help him with his day-to-day living expenses and
Medicaid to cover his ongoing medical requirements. 

BB – Thank you, Darlene. Thank you for answering the questions. And, thank you to the listeners for
tuning in to today’s episode of Choose Your Path, the Vista Points podcast. I encourage you to subscribe
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Enjoy your day with your loved one. Regardless of where or when you find us, we walk beside you on
your path. Our desire is for people, of any age, who are living with a physical, mental or intellectual
disability, to have a good quality of life and to give their family peace of mind knowing Vista Points is
looking out for the beneficiary. I look forward to our next steps together and speaking to you soon.