EPISODE 8 – Breaking News with Janice Williams – April 7,2022

Breaking news in special needs trusts! Janice Williams has authored “Caregiving and Understanding Respite.” She cares for the caregivers, equips and inspires them. Listen to this nurse share her heart, her experiences, her God, her belief in family caregivers.


What is that that I’m hearing? Why, it’s the introduction to today’s breaking news from Vista Points Special Needs Trusts Resource Center podcast, “Choose Your Path!” Vista Points staff are committed to improving the quality of life for those of any age, who are living with a disability, and they serve the community by providing professional trustee service and education about special needs trusts. The organization partners with a variety of nonprofit and corporate entities to better the lives of those living with physical, mental or intellectual disabilities.

I’m Bart, your podcast host.  Episodes are released twice a month and run about 10 minutes or so. Today is not a typical day! In this episode of Breaking News, I am pleased to interview Janice Williams, RN, founder of Caregiver’s Respite and the author of the book titled, “Caregiving and Understanding Respite.”

We are pleased to say this is a special needs trust breaking news podcast. Our normal podcasts on the 1st and the 15th will still take place.

Bart:  Hi, Janice. I’m glad you’re here with me today and for being our first celebrity on this Breaking News interview! Would you please introduce yourself to our listeners? I’m sure they want to know more about you. For example, I hear you live in Memphis, Tennessee.

Janice:  Yes, and thank you, Bart, for having me on this broadcast. I never really have heard of myself as a celebrity. But, I appreciate it! Yes, I’m a nurse. I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years, and I do live in Memphis. Well, I’m actually from Memphis. And I’ve worked in a lot of different areas in nursing: research, coordinating, bedside nursing, rehab. But I would just tell you the most gratifying thing that I’ve done in my nursing career is working with family caregivers with Caregiver’s Respite.

My father got ill, and he went through a lot of different levels of care. And, really, God kinda nudged me to start Caregiver’s Respite to help family caregivers.

Bart: Wow, I had no idea. Hearing your calling and following, it takes such faith. And you have been able to work in community nursing, research, care coordinating, rehabilitation and the hospital – in your very interesting career. Now, one thing you mentioned is of particular interest to me. Would you speak more about your role as Director of Caregiver’s Respite? How did it begin? What does it do and who does it serve?

Janice: Well, I would just say this. I had been a nurse for a long time, and I never really heard of the word respite. Then after, then, my father got ill, and he went through so many levels of care as I said before, that it really overwhelmed us as a family, and it certainly overwhelmed me. It really took me out of “nurse role” into “caregiver role,” which I was not prepared for. And so, my father went through different stages, and he later passed. He did die. And, really, like I said before, the Lord kinda nudged me to start Caregiver’s Respite to make sure that caregivers are helped and supported and they don’t go through the same things that we went through. Caregiving can be very overwhelming, and it takes a lot of different skills to be a family caregiver. So, Caregiver’s Respite was born. We started with a conference, and then other things that support caregivers on their journey. And I would say, typically, it’s a family caregiver that we help. And I always have to put that out there is because when you think of caregiver, you might think of just a paid caregiver. But, actually the family caregivers are the ones that fill in the gaps, makes sure things happen even when things are not available. And, so that’s really how we started.

Bart: Well, thanks, Janice. I’m sorry about your father’s passing, but it led you to help a lot of other people. It sounds like we have more to learn! Fortunately, anyone can visit your website at caregiversrespite.com. Plus, they can access the resources you have to offer there! So, Janice, with all you’ve got going on, what would you like to share with our audience today?

Janice: Well, the one thing that I want to make sure that I leave with the audience today is that if you don’t get a break as a family caregiver, then you will not be able to make it. And so I often tell family caregivers, we cannot take you out of your caregiving situation, but if you get a break then you can make it. If you get respite, you can make it. And for those who don’t know, respite means “a break,” it means a period of delay. And specifically we want your break to be strategic. At Caregiver’s Respite, yes, we’re always suggesting for caregivers, yes, to get a break from their situation. And, that’s a fabulous thing. But also, get the kind of break that you get rest and you get information. That way, when you go back into your caregiving situations, you’re stronger, you’re better versed, you can really go back, not fatigued, but ready to continue the superb care that you give to your loved one.

Bart: Thanks, Janice. It sounds like you’re telling us who you wrote the book for – it’s for paid caregivers and especially the family members. Where can they find more information about it?

Janice: Of course they can go on Amazon. The book name is “Caregiving and Understanding Respite”. Also they can go on my personal website which is janice-williams.com. Or they can reach out to me through Caregiver’s Respite which is www.caregiversrespite.org.

Bart: I’m glad you wrote what I can only imagine to be a much needed and informational resource for any caregiver. You are certainly the person to provide insight, learnings and guidance! Will you tell us once again where caregivers can find and buy your book, “Caregiving and Understanding Respite”?

Janice:  Again, they can go on janice-williams.com or Amazon and just look up Caregiving and Understanding Respite, or they can reach out to me. I personally want to make sure that people get everything they need. So if they personally reach out to me, I can put together even some more resources that would help them on their caregiving journey.

Bart: Thank you so much, Janice! I look forward to reading the book and using the resources you have made available to all of us on your website, caregiversrespite.com. I’m glad you were able to be a part of this first Breaking News podcast, today. And I’m glad each listener took the time to hear the latest, breaking news in special needs trusts.

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