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Contact us to set up a Special Needs Trust
Contact us to set up a Special Needs Trust
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What you receive from a Special Needs Trust
When you have a properly-designed trust, you receive peace of mind, a comfortable lifestyle and you can maintain your quality of life.
You also receive:

Protection for inheritances and personal injury settlements

Continuation of your government benefits while you rely on trust funds to pay for extras

Professional management of your funds by experienced trustees

Less burden on other family members

The ability (in certain situations) to leave assets to other family members upon your death

Without a Trust, You are at Risk
If you are a disabled adult without a Special Needs Trust to protect your assets, you are risking more than you may realize.

You risk losing your government assistance and having to rely on your assets to provide for basic care and to maintain your lifestyle.

You face the prospect of reapplying for benefits only after all your personal assets are depleted.

You may face mismanagement of your assets if you rely on family members or other non-professionals to handle your funds.

There is an importance in knowing what you are risking by not taking advantage of the protections offered by a Special Needs Trust.

Vista Points connects you to the legal resources to establish a Special Needs Trust that meets your needs.

Family Members as Trustees, is this a Wise Decision?
If you are a family member, guardian, or caregiver, you may be wondering if you can set up a Special Needs Trust on your own. On the surface, having a family member serve as trustee may seem like a logical choice because family members are usually in the best position to understand your special needs. Unfortunately, unless the family member is an expert in Special Needs Trusts, he or she will probably not have the knowledge needed to fulfill the role of trustee and may inadvertently jeopardize your eligibility for public assistance programs. That is why it is very important to rely on experts to establish and administer your Special Needs Trust.